Freakout Friday: 'We're in for a show'

TheFineBros screen shot

As far we know, nobody's yet made a "Hitler reacts" video about what many call the greatest freakout ever. And no, we're not going to look.

But TheFineBros thought it would be entertaining to record well-known YouTube personalities who are not part of a Thousand Year Reich reacting to a video posted in 2009 showing an adolescent boy responding quite unfavorably to his parents canceling his World of Warcraft account.

Now, we've always wondered if "Greatest freakout ever" actually was staged. Maybe it was the mic boom at the top of the video frame and the make-up artist hovering in the hallway. We don't know. What we don't wonder about is whether it's popular: The original video has nearly 83 million views on YouTube. (And now, thanks to Fritterati, it will have 12 more. You're welcome, Freakout Kid.)

However "legit" the video is, the folks gathered by TheFineBros find it decidedly amusing, with the exception of Shane Dawson, who laments, "I already hate this."

Saucer of milk, Table Two!

You can skip the panel discussion about whether the video is fake. Just watch the first couple of minutes.

This story, "Freakout Friday: 'We're in for a show'" was originally published by Fritterati.

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