Exploding the Charles Darwin myth!

Charles Darwin
Vegansoldier via Flickr

A British scientist argues that rather than being the "father of evolution theory," Charles Darwin was more of a young nephew.

From Zee News:

A new review of the ideas and work of Patrick Matthew, a Scottish landowner and fruit farmer, argues that he was under-appreciated even though he described the idea of large-scale evolution by natural selection decades before Charles Darwin did.

The paper argues that Matthew deserves to be considered alongside  Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace as one of the three originators of the idea of large-scale evolution by natural selection.

Michale Weale, a statistical geneticist at University College London, was lead researcher for the paper, which was published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 

If true, this would turn everything we know about Darwin on its head! Which got us to thinking that maybe the truth actually is out there, if only we have the courage to look.

Get ready to have your mind blown:

Darwin may have been tutored by Satan himself!

Darwinism is an Illuminati scam. (what isn't?)

Darwin wanted to turn science into a weapon against Christian faith.

On his deathbed, Darwin became not a Christian, but a Scientologist!

Darwin's most famous book was not titled "Origin of the Species," as is commonly believed. Rather, it was called "10 Bitchin' Spring Break Party Pits in the Galapagos Islands" (out of print).

Darwin never produced a birth certificate proving he wasn't born in Kenya. (No link; an original Fritterati theory!)

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