Ray-Ban does not have a branding deal with Rand Paul, despite how it may look

John McStravick via Flickr

Maybe if he becomes president, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, can sign an executive order reinstating the Rand Paul Ray-Bans that previously graced his presidential campaign's online store. He might even throw in a John Galt line of shades for good measure.

For now, however, Paul has chosen to comply to a request by Ray-Ban to remove the Wayfarers with the "Rand" logo on them from his campaign's online store.

The Hill reports:

The Rand-Ban sunglasses were for sale for $150 on Paul’s website as recently as Tuesday. The website described the product as “the intersection of politics and cool.”

But the campaign didn’t have Ray-Ban’s consent, and the company didn’t think that was cool.

“After a formal request from us, they promptly removed the product from their site and agreed to cease any further use of our trademarks,” Jane Lehman, head of corporate communications for Luxottica, the parent company of Ray-Ban, wrote in an email to The Hill.

For now, anyway. Should Paul defy the odds and make it to the White House, we think we know a certain sunglasses manufacturer that may find itself getting nationalized by a libertarian president. Ironically, of course.

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