Justice comes cheap in police beating of suspected horse thief in California desert

police helicopter
Credit: Guy Incogneato via Flickr

Remember the guy on horseback being chased in the desert and then beaten by a violent gang of thugs a couple of weeks ago? It was yet another reminder of the scourge of gang violence that is overtaking the country.

Of course, the gang in question was the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office, and its victim was Francis Pusok, 30, who was punched and kicked by more than a dozen officers, some of whom had to take a break because they were so tired from administering a beating to a defenseless suspect lying on his stomach on the desert floor.

We wrote at the time, "This is a huge lawsuit." So we're pretty surprised to find out that the county settled so quickly with Pusok. Then again, as we noted back then, "We aren't sure what needs to be investigated. The video is pretty clear on what happened."

We're also surprised at the $650,000 settlement amount. The video is below, and as far as we're concerned, it's clearly a seven-figure beating.

What we're not surprised about at all is that, as part of the settlement, the county admits no wrongdoing. Because, you know, the police were just letting off a little steam.

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