Enjoy Earth Day while we still have Earth

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One each year we take time out to celebrate Earth, home to humankind, the animal and plant kingdom, and whatever aliens walk in our midst.

The rest of the year, of course, we try our best to make our beloved Blue Planet uninhabitable. We're doing a pretty good job, but there's always a chance that Earth will be destroyed by outside forces before we get around to finishing our work.

The video below explores 10 different ways that Earth could meet a sudden and violent demise. It's both fascinating and frightening.

Also, it did not escape our attention that some of the scientists interviewed seemed inappropriately excited about their pet doomsday theories. Scientists, is being right that important to you? You're talking about all of us dying here! Can't any of you act a bit somber? It's bad optics.

We're hard-pressed to pick a favorite way for Earth to be destroyed, if there can be such a thing. But perhaps the most ironic would be the scenario in which the planet we're so desperate to travel to and colonize -- Mars -- falls out of its orbit and collides with Earth. Talk about a cosmic joke.

This story, "Enjoy Earth Day while we still have Earth" was originally published by Fritterati.

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