Swinging sex parties, free drugs make DEA the best federal agency to work for

DEA truck
Credit: Brett Neilson via Flickr

Sure, the news reports regarding a potential congressional investigation into the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency suggest the Colombian sex parties in which agents allegedly may have spilled secrets were held more than a decade ago.

Let's just say we have our doubts that someone killed off what must be the best recruiting tool in the federal arsenal: Free sex!

At some point we hope to line up an exclusive interview with departing DEA chief Michele Leonhart, probably after she leaves the job in mid-May. We intend to do a podcast in which we will ask Leonhart to outline some of the other illicit job benefits awaiting successful DEA applicants.

Now, we admit we're making an assumption with the "free drugs" part of our headline, but if the DEA can't get its hands on the best drugs out there, then we finally buy the argument that government is incompetent.

Of course, last year Leonhart went all "Reefer Madness" on President Obama because he doesn't want to imprison all the pot smokers, so there's a chance she might get all preachy during our podcast.

But that's a chance we're willing to take if we can help get out the message about the awesome sex, drugs and other perks of DEA employment. It's time to make working for the government cool again.

This story, "Swinging sex parties, free drugs make DEA the best federal agency to work for" was originally published by Fritterati.

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