The second Jurassic World trailer is awesome

jurassic world2
Universal Pictures UK screen shot

Universal Pictures UK has released another trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World dinosaur action-adventure film, scheduled to hit theaters on June 11. Twelve-year-olds (and 12-year-olds at heart) will be thrilled. 

The latest installment of the Jurassic Park series has Colin Trevorrow directing, with original Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer. (The guy who played Newman in Seinfeld will not be back because he was killed in the 1993 original, remember?)

In Jurassic World, the dinosaur theme park is more successful than ever, packing 20,000 people in there at a time. Talk about plenty of food for the dinosaurs!

Plus the graphics are more than two decades beyond the original's, which were pretty damned good to begin with. So it all adds up to a visually spectacular -- and scary -- summer blockbuster. And it's less than eight weeks away.

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