Adobe Lightroom for Android update adds RAW and SD card support

lightroom android
Derek Walter

Adobe Lightroom for Android finally will run on your tablet and let you open images from and save images to a microSD card. 

A version 1.1 update brings this and the ability to edit RAW image files, all features that didn’t make the cut in the app’s debut on Android.

Unfortunately, while the app can access photos stored on your device or an SD card, it still requires you to move a photo into a collection in your Adobe CC cloud storage before you can start editing it.

You still need a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service to use the app, though it includes a 30-day trial. You can grab the update in the Play Store.

The story behind the story: Adobe realizes that a lot of photo editing no longer takes place on the desktop. So it’s really ramped up its cloud-based efforts with its mobile apps and a version of its Photoshop suite for Chromebooks. However, the limitations in the mobile apps may frustrate power users who want more control over what they can do with their photos.

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