Crazy conspiracy theories that weren't so crazy after all

Thoughty2 screen shot

It pains us to present this video of "10 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true." 

Why? Because conspiracy nuts, while providing a certain amount of entertainment value, tend to be maddeningly irrational and sometimes dangerous, mostly because they're paranoid.

We've heard them all: chemtrails, The Illuminati, aliens living among us, secret government time travel, the faked moon landing, Paul is dead, and on and on. It's as if some people are willing and even eager to believe anything!

All ridiculous (except for maybe aliens living among us), but then when the occasional conspiracy turns out to be true, all of a sudden the nuts are going, "See! See!" And you have to listen to them drone on about all the crazy stuff all over again.

That being said, most of the conspiracy nuts know how to search on the Internet, so we can't hide these examples of actual conspiracies from them forever.

This story, "Crazy conspiracy theories that weren't so crazy after all" was originally published by Fritterati.

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