Fox News celebrates 4/20 with super-scary marijuana warning!

deadly weed
Rich Anderson via Flickr

All of you people who think you're having fun today celebrating 4/20 by smoking weed, or talking about weed, or reading about weed, you are playing with fire!

Well, unless you're using a vaporizer. The point is we all now think marijuana is so harmless, only hard-core drug warriors actually care that several states have legalized the herb, with more states to follow.

Sadly, Fox News warns, they are on the road to potential ruin. For there lies in wait for the unsuspecting casual marijuana user a strain so potent and mind-blowing that it is much more dangerous than any of the weed they previously had been told was dangerous, but which turned out to be not so dangerous.

Raw Story has a video below of Fox News host Brian Kilmeade interviewing the ghost of Harry Aslinger professional pot-fighter Dr. David Murray of the Marijuana Is Going to Kill Us All Hudson Institute about a frightening new cross-strain called "skunk."

Skunk is not your father's marijuana. It's not even the marijuana of the old black jazz musicians and hepcats that Harry Anslinger liked to demonize back in the '30s. It is 120 times stronger, and can get you high from a distance of 100 feet, even from inside a standard Glad fold-top sandwich bag. 

Be very scared.

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