The 'outro' video you need to watch when the world ends

john oliver
Last Week with John Oliver screen shot

Let's say humanity gets a heads-up before the world ends, like if scientists detect a meteor headed straight for us and we can't stop it, or Earth starts getting pulled toward the Sun, or aliens issue a public service announcement about our imminent destruction.

Do you have your "outro" entertainment prepared? Now, most people might opt for a music soundtrack, whether it's the obvious ("It's the End of the World" by REM) or something more personally meaningful, like All About That Bass.

However, in the Internet/YouTube/mobile device age, video also is a viable option. You could watch a favorite movie, a music video, or even that alien PSA about our imminent destruction. Hell, you could start a Spongebob marathon and see how far it takes you.

Or you could watch one of the doomsday videos prepared for that special, final occasion. CNN reportedly has one, which Ted Turner had produced back in the early days of the network. 

But why watch a wrap-up of humanity's existence that's more than 30 years old? Everybody in the CNN doomsday video will be running around all fast and jerky like in that old black-and-white footage of Babe Ruth!

A better outro video is the one below made by John Oliver for Last Week Tonight, with the help of "West Wing" President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen), which celebrates "the greatest things about humanity's time on Earth."


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