Hunter finds out big-game hunting not really a game

Bruce Monroe via Flickr

Humans like to give themselves all kinds of advantages when they hunt animals, particularly "big game" -- they have huge weapons, they use technology, and they confine animals to a "preserve."

But sometimes all the advantages slip away and a human is face to face with one of the large animals in the jungle. Then things tend not to go well.

That's what happened to professional hunter Ian Gibson, who was killed last week tracking a lion for a client in Zimbabwe's Zambesi Valley. According to The Telegraph, "Mr Gibson, 55, one of Zimbabwe's best known big game hunters, died scouting for prey in the Zambezi Valley after a young bull elephant charged, then knelt on him and crushed him to death."

Tough way to go, but the guy was in the hunting business, and he finally found out what it was like to be on the wrong end of the hunting deal.

Gibson was tracking a lion for an American hunter who, according to The Independent, "was on his first trip to Zimbabwe, and only has one leg, but was 'fit and strong' and had already shot a leopard."

It's great he bagged that leopard which was just living its life and now is dead because a hunter felt a need to shoot it for his own ego! Likewise, it's a shame that some lion didn't end up being a noble victim of the American hunter's irrational urge to kill something that's absolutely no threat to him. And all because some elephant butted in and disrupted the natural order.

This story, "Hunter finds out big-game hunting not really a game" was originally published by Fritterati.

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