Ranting ESPN reporter should have taken her own advice on being nice

britt mchenry
Keith Allison via Flickr

Just days before going off on a towing service employee -- a rant that was caught on video (below) and went viral -- ESPN reporter Britt McHenry urged people on Facebook to be nice.

Now, when the story first broke, we took a pass because we didn't want to pile on. But we just watched the video, and McHenry is slinging some real abuse at the off-camera towing lot employee she has to pay to get her car back. She's full of condescension about the worker's job, education level, and appearance. In fact, she packs an impressive amount of hate into one minute.

But as the New York Daily News reports, McHenry recently had some upbeat advice on Facebook that, if everyone followed (and that means everyone, Britt), would make the world a better place:

“Take the high road and be nice to people,” she posted on Facebook on March 29. “Amazing how a small kind gesture can go so far, yet similarly so can the impact of negative words. Don't choose the latter.”

Don't choose the latter. Especially with a video camera right there in front of you!

The impact of McHenry's negative words on herself was a one-week suspension from ESPN. And, probably, no realistic chance of ever getting a job at the towing place, should she have a change of heart about its desirability as a place of employment. It's sad when someone burns bridges.

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