Trending worldwide: Selfie stick bans!

selfie stick
Elvert Barnes via Flickr

How long before selfie stick users will be able to use their little metal poles of self-admiration only in the confines of their own homes?

Fabled Churchill Downs -- site of the Kentucky Derby -- has announced a ban on selfie sticks for horse racing's most prestigious event early next month.

It's a good call, since thousands of drunks staggering around on the packed infield of the race course with declining fortunes, short tempers and impromptu weapons is a recipe for a rough and rowdy Run for the Roses.

Churchill Downs is but the latest high-profile institution to ban the sticks of self. Others include:

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Getty Center, Los Angeles

Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and National Air and Space Museum, both in Washington, D.C.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Apple's WWDC developers conference

National Gallery, London

The Colosseum, Rome

Lollapalooza Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival

We could go on, but this guy did the going on for us.

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