Ninja cardiologist nabbed in bizarre alleged murder-for-hire plot

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This is a crazy story. It has everything: Wealth, a murder plot, arson, highly respected Long Island doctors, prescription pills, illegal guns, swords, frickin' axes, a secret room, and an intense-looking -- frightening, really -- cardiologist who, according to the acting Nassau County police commissioner, “was exposed as a deplorable, despicable criminal.”

("Hello? Yes, I'm calling to cancel my appointment today.")

According to Long Island Press:

What began as a seemingly routine prescription pill investigation into a Great Neck cardiologist spiraled into a complex probe into a brazen murder-for-hire plot allegedly targeting a former business partner-turned rival doctor, authorities said Wednesday at a press conference announcing the bizarre Gold Coast feud.

The 54-year-old cardiologist at the center of it all, Dr. Anthony J. Moschetto of Sands Point, was arrested Tuesday and charged with various crimes...

It's a long, involved story to which we can't do justice here, so check out the link above, or the Newsday coverage.

We will, however, leave you with this paragraph from the Press. After reading it, try to imagine this guy being your cardiologist. In fact, if anyone reading this is one of Dr. Moschetto's patients, tell us your experiences in the comments section below the mind-blowing paragraph you're about to read:

The collection of weapons seized by police seemed better suited for a Hollywood thriller set: daggers decorated with hissing dragons, dragon-winged double-sided axes, demonic-handled knives, and blade-protruding brass knuckles similar to the claws that shoot out of the hands of “X-Men” comic hero Wolverine.

The doctor is insane.

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