Today's teens react to Internet of the '90s

OiMax via Flickr

Our parents and older millennials often tell us about the primitive early days of the commercial Internet, when you had to walk seven miles in the snow -- even in Florida -- to "log on" through a dial-up connection that you could actually hear dialing! LOL!!! 

"You've got mail!" Ha ha ha!

"Uh-oh, something must be wrong with our Netscape Navigator 'browser.' Where's the instructional CD-ROM?" Hee hee hee!

OK, sorry. We're sure it was quite a hardship, trying to "surf the web" in the pre-broadband era. And we can assure you that the modern teens featured in TheFineBros video below, titled "Teens React to 90s Internet," now have extra empathy and understanding for all of you old people. 

Not really.

Oh wait, we have to go. We've got mail! Ha ha ha!

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