Avoid car-repair ripoffs with this cool device

Scotty Kilmer screen shot

It's always depressing when that weird knocking sound you hear when you're driving your car ends up costing you hundreds of dollars to fix.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that often you don't even know what the repair shop guy is telling you. It's as if he's speaking a foreign language! And what if they're just trying to rip you off? How can you know for sure exactly what the problem is? And what if it's something you could actually fix yourself?

Turns out there's a cool little device called Lemur Blue Driver that transforms you into a car whisperer. The hardware costs $100 and can be used in conjunction with your mobile smartphone or tablet to give you a detailed diagnosis of your vehicle -- just like those expensive machines your mechanic uses in the repair shop.

The video below shows you how Lemur Blue Driver works. It's amazing, really. We are ordering one online today, which should give us two weeks to figure out why our car won't pass inspection at the end of April.

This story, "Avoid car-repair ripoffs with this cool device " was originally published by Fritterati.

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