Chess grandmaster busted in tournament toilet cheating scandal

Credit: Gabriel Saldana via Flickr

You know what's really hard? Trying to concentrate on your game against a world-class opponent during an international chess tournament while you really have to go to the bathroom! Over and over again!

That was the embarrassing predicament in which Georgian chess Grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze found himself recently at the Dubai Open Chess Tournament. Literally, Nigalidze had to run to the toilet after every move in his match with Armenian Grandmaster Tigran Petrosian. 

Too much Stoli the night before?

Nothing so prosaic, it turns out. Rather, Nigalidze kept returning to the same toilet to check his hidden smartphone to determine his next move.

The Independent reports:

Petrosian had told the tournament’s staff he believed Nigalidze was getting help from a chess computer through a portable electronic device during the game. He said he began to suspect his opponent after noticing he was frequenting the toilet after each move during a crucial part of the game. ...

After an initial search of Nigalidze, which proved fruitless, the tournament’s chief arbiter checked the cubicle the Georgian player had kept using, and found a smart phone and headset hidden behind the pan and covered in toilet paper.

A tawdry affair, indeed. Not to mention sorta gross. Grandmaster dude, do you know how many germs are in public bathrooms? Look that up on your hidden, disgusting phone.

Here's our favorite part: According to The Independent, "Nigalidze... denied the phone was his, but he was found out when it was discovered the device was hooked up to a social networking site using the champion’s account, and that his game with Petrosian was being analysed in one of the chess applications."

No, no, I was hacked! I swear!

Nigalidze faces a 15-year tournament ban for his amateurish and quite unsanitary cheating. 

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