The dark side of Seattle's Mystery Coke Machine

mystery coke machine
Credit: Joe Wolf via Flickr

Slate has a fun write-up about a famous oddity of the Pacific Northwest: The Mystery Coke Machine of Seattle. 

Nobody knows much about the origins of this outdoor vending machine, located in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The Mystery Coke Machine appears no different than other dispensers of sodas and other refreshing beverages, with one exception: The buttons all are marked "mystery."

According to Slate, people who press the Mystery Coke Machine's "mystery" buttons are apt to get all manner of drink "ranging from a raspberry Nestea to a Hawaiian Punch, none of which had their own button on the machine."

As usual, the mainstream media only tells part of the story, for the truth is that Seattle's beloved Mystery Coke Machine has a darker side. Here are some of the other surprises it has meted out over the years to patrons unaware of what their small change might buy them -- if they're unlucky:

Summons for jury duty

100 milliamp shock

Selfies of this guy

Noxious gas

Dime-store philosophy


2 tickets to the Nutcracker

Radio Shack gift card

A dental overbite

Standard EULA

You pays your money, you takes your chances. 

Mystery Coke Machine even has its own Facebook page, but that too is a whitewash.

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