The worst TripAdvisor reviews of Fenway Park

Fenway Park
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Next Monday is Patriots' Day in Massachusetts, and that means the annual running of the Boston Marathon.

It also means another tradition: Every year since 1959 (with a handful of weather-impacted exceptions), the Boston Red Sox have played a home afternoon game in famous Fenway Park.

Ah, Fenway Park. The oldest park in Major League Baseball, with its legendary Green Monster in left field. Fenway has undergone major renovations in recent years to make it more modern, but it still is viewed by millions as a symbol of a more innocent and pure version of the game and, who knows, maybe ourselves.

On TripAdvisor, Fenway is listed as No. 2 among 414 things to do in Boston, trailing only the Museum of Fine Arts. 

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There are those, however, who are less enamored of Fenway's charms. Many of these people have expressed their disappointment or outrage on TripAdvisor, with 27 of them (out of nearly 5,300 reviewers) giving fabled Fenway a 1-star (terrible) rating.

Here are some of the worst TripAdvisor reviews of Boston's Fenway Park:

It's a toilet. Whenever you wonder why Boston fans are so cranky and harsh, just go try to sit in those seats for a game. It was built in the early 20th century, when, evidently, people were typically 5'1" and their behinds were half as wide as today. ... Most single-A ballparks have a better layout and walking area than Fenway. Oh, and if you're not a sox fan, be prepared to not just be heckled but to actually be physically threatened by drunks (who guzzle up the booze before going in) just for having the temerity to be from anywhere besides the cesspool that is Boston. The magic of that place is so overblown. We all act nostalgic about old places, but there's nothing wrong with modernizing things every 100 years or so. Tear it down!

That got personal fast! Although Julio R of New York gets points for this lyrical jab: "...just for having the temerity to be from anywhere besides the cesspool that is Boston." 

lousy sarcastic ushers that need a life or a real job! ballpark in every way. wooden seats that pinch your butt,tastless hot dogs and warm beer sarcastic ushers that need to be replaced by anyone with a 3rd grade education. don't drive to the ballpark you will find a place to park. take a tticket pericesaxi (if you dare) or a subway (not the sandwich shop you dork) THE UNtheDERGROUND KIND.) ticket prices are insane. I suggest staying home and watching the game on my 71 inch HD tv. 

Did lobsterloverAuburn of Sabattus, Maine, type that incoherent diatribe with his nose? Also, we probably won't take you up on that offer to watch a game on your 71-inch HD TV. You might call us a dork.

Nice to go there ONCE! But--- the seats were made for Biafrans; Seats are NOT 'sighted' toward the field so that you leave with a stiff neck,,,,,,,It smells, it's small, 30 percent of the seats are OBSTRUCTED by poles and posts.....Every possible 'silk purse' has been placed on this sow's ear without an iota of comfort in mind for the fans........The place is old-decrepit and the brilliant owners / executives are saying that it has a 'shelf-life' of another 30 years!!!! ...This place should have been blown up 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!! A disgrace to a pretty good city.

In point of fact, Biafrans make up only a small percentage of Fenway attendees.

A pig with lipstick. I am a born and raised Bostonian and have been going to Red Sox games since I was a kid. As we squashed into our seats at our last game i said to my wife, loud enough for those around us to hear, "Anyone who likes Fenway Park has never been anywhere else"! Of course I got the stink eye from all the pink hats around me. The park is clean and freshly painted and not NEARLY the dump Wrigley is. (just went there) But, its seats suck. The rows and seats were built when a tall person was 5 ft 5. WAY overpriced. Highest tickets in league. TEAR IT DOWN!

Well, that was harsh, but dopysteve of Foxboro, Mass., just handed Red Sox marketers their next campaign slogan:

Fenway Park: Not nearly the dump Wrigley is.

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