Industrial design student makes real-life Batsuit with combat armor

Credit: Armatus Designs screen shot

Jackson Gordon is a mild-mannered industrial design student by day. By night, well, he's still a mild-mannered industrial design student -- but with a real-life, functional Batsuit he built himself!

Gordon raised more than $1,200 in a recent Kickstarter campaign to fund his project. As he says in the video below, "My goal was to create a real-world equivalent of Batman's armor, which would protect the wearer from harsh impacts and bladed weapons without slowing them down or limiting mobility."

The suit is made from Kevlar, Kydex plating and impact-resistant foam. The video below shows Gordon in his suit, demonstrating some crisp martial arts moves, and then withstanding an assault by a friend acting as a traditional supervillain's henchman, punching the Caped Crusader ineffectually in his armor-plated stomach and then trying to stab and slash him with a knife. That that sh*t somewhere else, henchman. It will not work on this industrial design student!

It looks like it was a fun project by an ambitious student. But as usual, the important thing in life is for the jerks sitting on the sidelines who have vast experience in designing Batsuits to point out all the design flaws in the $1,200 suit made by a creative design student.

Ignore the haters, Batman.

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