These eye drops can give you better night vision, but don't expect to go all Riddick

Thomas Tolkien via Flickr

Imagine if you could see as well at night as the wilderness predators lurking outside your campfire hoping to eat you.

Some scientists at an independent organization called Science for the Masses tested a molecule that appears to enhance night vision when applied via eye drops.

The molecule, called Ce6, is no stranger to researchers. As The Independent writes, Ce6 is "a natural molecule that can be created from algae and other green plants" that also "is found in some deep sea fish, forms the basis of some cancer therapies and has been previously prescribed intravenously for night blindness."

The California-based "citizen science" organization decided to take the research to the next level by putting drops containing 50 microlitres of Ce6 into the eye of a biochemical researcher acting as a test subject. Here's how they describe it:

After 2 hours of adjustment, the subject and 4 controls were taken to a darkened area and subjected to testing. Three forms of subjective testing were performed. These consisted of symbol recognition by distance, symbol recognition on varying background colors at a static distance, and the ability to identify moving subjects in a varied background at varied distances. ...

The Ce6 subject consistently recognized symbols that did not seem to be visible to the controls. The Ce6 subject identified the distant figures 100% of the time, with the controls showing a 33% identification rate.

It's. Like. A. Superpower!

Or maybe not. Here's Gabriel Lincina, the "Ce6 subject" on his amazing temporary night vision:

Sorry everyone, but despite how thrilled people are about this, the effects are way more subtle than the media would leave you to believe. This is just enhanced night vision. Dark becomes dim, it’s not all Riddick up in here.

The next step was to moisten the eyes of biochemical researcher and willing guinea pig Gabriel Licina’s eyes with 50 microlitres of Ce6.

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