The Walter Scott shooting, as viewed by racists and conspiracy nuts

Credit: Simon & His Camera via Flickr

The vast majority of people who have seen the video of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager gunning down Walter Scott know what they saw: A white cop in absolutely no danger calmly firing eight bullets at a heavy, older black man who is running away, until that man falls face first to the ground, where he lays dying or already dead while the officer puts handcuffs on him, y'know, just in case there's any more danger.

Slager has been fired from his job on the North Charleston police force and charged with murder. What he did on the video is so clear and blatant that even the city's mayor, Keith Summey, said at the press conference announcing the murder charge, "When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And if you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or just a citizen on the street, you have to live by that decision.”

But we're talking about normal people who see the video. Racists and conspiracy theorists see something else entirely, or they argue that what they saw transpire really isn't the important issue because what about this!

Here are comments from a couple of the sites where these pathetic sorts gather:

Maybe this will finally be the case the progressives are looking for to validate their preconceived notion that whites are evil and police are looking to kill blacks.

what is missing is what was said during the altercation. Show ten people a video and you'll have ten different descriptions.

There is no doubt that the cop over reacted but Scott is not dead because of the broken tail light. He is dead because he had warrants for his arrest for back child support payments and he tried to escape to avoid arrest. He should have stayed and accepted responsibility for his own actions. Running away from responsibility for your own problems is not the proper thing to do.

The "shooting" is a hoax. It's just more divide and conquer from the elitists who want to stoke racial tension and violence so they have an excuse to implement a police state.

I heard more video will be released soon from the officers dash cam . So even if shows officer in peril .Some in public and left media will use this incidence to completely vilify all law enforcement again.

Don't forget guys they, the police, arrested THEIR officer for murder. Doesn't that say that the police are better than what people think they are? They did what was right and just.

I still find it peculiar that a person was able to video the shooting from what could be no more than 40 feet away with out notice, drawing any attention to himself, not being approached or questioned and just walking away with his video.

Then there is the victim being handled and rolled back and forth showing no sign of blood or wound any where after being supposedly shot 8 times. One hit would surely show an indication of blood loss.

After all the lies, rage, hype and distortion over Ferguson, I can't find the compassion to care, anymore. I'll just write it off to: "That's a shame!"

Yet so-called 'knock out games' are ignored, even encouraged. The racial hypocrisy of the black community is disgusting.

Media everywhere talks about the “white” police officer killing the “unarmed black” man. Try getting them to mention race when the races are reversed or when its the far more common black on black murders.

Because Black Lives Matter (TM) those rare instances when they’re shot by a rogue white policeman. As opposed to those everyday instances when they shoot one another, then they don’t seem to matter nearly so much to Obama’s justice department or the Al Sharptons out there.

And we'll just grab one from Twitter because our head hurts:

Congratulations, Liberals! Now that Officer Slager has been fired, who's going to protect the community?!


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