Tinder just wouldn't have been the same in the '80s

SquirrelMonkeyCom screen shot

There are many reasons why Tinder quickly has become an incredibly popular mobile dating app. 

Perhaps most important is the ease with which users can go through potential romantic interests. All they have to do is swipe with a finger on their mobile screens. And they can do it anywhere: On a train, walking on the street, in the office, even on a date!

The point is, Tinder works because technology exists to make it work. If the dating app had been invented, say, 30 years ago during the early days of the home computer, it might have had a rougher go, as the video below from SquirrelMonkey.com humorously speculates:

Impractical, perhaps, but still it would have been great for people in the '80s "looking for nice neighbors to play chess with or go to church with" to have had Tinder. Back then all they had were happy hours and cocaine parties.

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This story, "Tinder just wouldn't have been the same in the '80s" was originally published by Fritterati.

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