Police brutality is real, and you should be disturbed and outraged

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As more videos continue to get posted online, it's become increasingly clear that too many members of law enforcement in this country are out of control to the point where they are thugs. Thugs and murderers.

Just this week we have South Carolina police officer Michael Slager gunning down 50-year-old Walter Scott as he was fleeing following a traffic stop for a broken taillight, otherwise known as DWB. It was a cold-blooded execution, caught on video by a passerby who rightfully feared for his own life and thankfully didn't bring his smartphone down to the police station afterwards -- because not only would police have destroyed the evidence against Slager, they would have beaten the guy for taking the video in the first place.

Now, if you're looking to get abused, beaten or even killed by the police in the U.S., you can never go wrong being black. But it's not absolutely necessary, as you can see from this truly disturbing video below of San Bernardino sheriffs beating a white guy who stole a horse.

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Taken from a helicopter, the video shows at least a dozen sheriffs repeatedly punching and kicking 30-year-old Francis Pusok, who laid down on his stomach to get handcuffed. Instead he was pummeled by a group of cops acting like a school of piranha. 

The video has forced the San Bernardino County Sheriff's office to open an investigation. We aren't sure what needs to be investigated. The video is pretty clear on what happened; why aren't all the thug cops involved being suspended pending results?

But we are sure that if the video didn't exist, the beating injuries which sent Pusok to a hospital would have been attributed to him falling off his stolen horse. Case closed.

This is a huge lawsuit. But more significantly, it's more stark, indisputable evidence that we've got a police brutality problem on our hands.

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