When weed is legal everywhere, you'll be glad you know these terms for getting high

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By next year recreational marijuana use could be legal in as many as 10 states, plus the District of Columbia. And by 2018, if resistance continues to crumble, weed could be legal in half the country.

Which means eventually you will be offered an opportunity to smoke or otherwise ingest marijuana. But the marijuana culture has its own intricate language, so even if you're not interested in partaking, you should at least understand what you're being asked. 

We consulted the experts at The Weed Blog, who compiled a huge "List of Marijuana Slang Terms." Some are self-evident, while others are more obtuse and arcane. Here are 10 of our favorites terms for "to smoke marijuana":

Bite one's lips (As in, "Do you want to bite your lips?")

Blow one's roof ("Do you want to blow your roof?)

Boot the gong

Fly Mexican Airlines (?)

Get a gage up

Get the wind

Go loco

Hit the hay

Mow the grass

Tea Party (presumably as in "Want to have a Tea Party?" rather than "Want to join the Tea Party?")

Bonus term for smoking marijuana:

Vape (or vape up)*

Those terms above should help you avoid any awkward moments in the brave new world of legal weed.

Freestyle bonus term: Up against the stem (slang for "addicted to smoking marijuana")

*We added this to reflect the growing popularity of vaporizers and vaporizer retail outlets since this list was published four years ago.

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