Tom Cotton says 'several days' of bombing should straighten out that Iran situation

B-52 bomber
Eddy Van 3000 via Flickr

History shows that wars almost always go according to plan, at least in the mind of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

That can be the only explanation for the Republican legislator's casual suggestion that dropping some bombs on Iran's nuclear facilities not only would be a simple matter, but would be vastly preferable to the agreement just signed with that Middle East nation by the administration of President Barack Chamberlain and other Western powers.

BuzzFeed grabbed the audio of Cotton talking Tuesday on Family Research Council’s Washington Watch radio program.

“Even if military action were required — and we certainly should have kept the credible threat of military force on the table throughout which always improves diplomacy — the president is trying to make you think it would be 150,000 heavy mechanized troops on the ground in the Middle East again as we saw in Iraq and that’s simply not the case,” Cotton said.

We're not sure how Cotton gained magical insight into what "the president is trying to make" people think, but whatever scary thing Barack Chamberlain wants you to believe so that you'll be irrationally afraid of "war," Cotton assures you it is not so.

“It would be something more along the lines of what President Clinton did in December 1998 during Operation Desert Fox. Several days air and naval bombing against Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction facilities for exactly the same kind of behavior."

A little shock and awe from the sky. Really, it's a simple matter. Like scolding a naughty child. And, like the Iraq War, this corrective action would pay for itself.

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