What gun would Jesus carry in a church? None, because he wasn't an idiot!

gun store next to church
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There should be a litmus test for prospective gun owners: If you really, really, really, really want to own a gun, you shouldn't be allowed to because you're going to do something stupid with it that could hurt other people and yourself, though we won't lose a lot of sleep over the latter. 

Latest case in point: The scared jerk who thought it was a capital idea to bring his legal firearm into a Pennsylvania church for Easter mass because you never know when that 5-year-old girl in the colorful bonnet will whip out an Uzi and level a few pews while her parents provide cover.

From AltoonaMirror.com:

A legally carried handgun discharged in the pocket of an attendee at Easter vigil Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday evening. A critical piece of the handgun apparently caught on the man's pants as he stood up, according to Altoona police officer Christy Heck. The safety apparently was not engaged, she said.

The safety wasn't engaged. In a packed church. Another responsible gun owner!

Below is a link to a video from an Altoona TV station that includes footage taken inside the church by another attendee after the accidental shot was fired.

Perhaps not surprisingly, our brave gun owner handed his weapon to another guy after it went off so he wouldn't get in trouble. Way to stand up and own your actions, like so many other "responsible" gun owners. 

Video: Parishioners react to gun in church (Hint: They think it's stupid.)

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