Easter Bunny pranks. Just Easter Bunny pranks.

Easter bunny
Ranjan Gupta via Flickr

There are those who argue Easter is a solemn religious holiday that in no way lends itself to prankery, particularly of the "resurrection" kind.

But it can be argued that the entire notion of an "Easter Bunny" is a giant, money-making prank perpetuated on the spending public by candy manufacturers, can it not?

In fact, when you think about it, the candy makers and greeting card industry are behind a lot of scams pranks -- Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and maybe even a good chunk of Christmas.

So we think all bets are off, and so do the fun-loving but not too mean folks at Just for Laughs Gags, who produced the compilation video below of Easter pranks using actual bunnies, none of which were hurt in the execution of these gags.

The "victims" also seemed to have a lot of fun. Besides, how can you get mad in front of a cute little bunny?

This story, "Easter Bunny pranks. Just Easter Bunny pranks." was originally published by Fritterati.

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