Why does Apple hate its East Coast customers?

Mac in bed
Leonardo Rizzi via Flickr

Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for its feverishly anticipated smartwatch on Thursday, April 10, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time.

So if you live on the West Coast and really, really want to be one of the first to amaze everyone around you with your amazing Apple Watch, you will have to stay up until at least midnight. On a school night, no less!

And if you're on the East Coast, you'll have to call in sick on Friday, or at least sleep under your desk when no one's looking, because it will be 3:01 a.m. where you live when Cupertino opens its cyber-doors for online pre-orders.

Is this Apple's idea of a cruel prank? Does Apple hate its East Coast customers, or is this a clever test of their devotion to Apple, like one of those secret Facebook psychological tests?

Perhaps more astounding, it appears even the most well-heeled and status-conscious of East Coast Apple customers will be forced to make their assistants stay up until 3 a.m. (and then be at work by 7) to order the $10,000-plus Apple Watch Edition.

Although we hear that Tim Cook has agreed to personally submit Donald Trump's pre-order for him. That's taking care of your most important customer.

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