Watch Angry Gay Pope get thrown out of the Scientology information center in Hollywood

AngryGayPope screenshot

All the headlines about Scientology these days are being generated by "Going Clear," the HBO documentary based on a 2013 book.

But Alex Gibney's movie and Lawrence Wright's 448-page tome highlighting the church's abusive tactics aren't the only Scientology-busting games in town. There's plenty of information on the Internet about L. Ron Hubbard's mind-controlling blackmail cult organization, and there has been for many years. 

One of the best places online for your Scientology information/entertainment/outrage  needs is YouTube, where a search of "Scientology" turns up 366,000 results, of which an amazing 5,000 are channels devoted to the pretend religion.

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The biggest one is the organization's official channel, which features 508 videos designed to gull vulnerable people into giving Scientology money to be "cured" of their evil engrams and blah blah blah. This channel has 19,515 subscribers. We can only hope the vast majority are subscribing to learn about brainwashing, science fiction, and delusion.

Fortunately, most of the Scientology YouTube channels are devoted to debunking the cult's beliefs and exposing its abuses. There's ToryMagoo44 (13,002 subscribers and 789 videos), Surviving Scientology (11,867 subscribers and 379 videos), Mark Bunker (16,705 subscribers and 337 videos), and many more.

Finally, we would be remiss if we omitted the channel featuring the most colorful Scientology fighter of them all, Angry Gay Pope. In fact, we'll leave you with AGP getting thrown out of the church's Hollywood Info Center "after an IQ test gone wrong."

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