The many inspiring people who 'quit' social media or their smartphone and then blog about it

Credit: Jason Devaun via Flickr

Has your Facebook feed dried up yet? If it hasn't, it will soon because people are leaving Facebook in droves and then blogging about it!

Fritterati hired a data science team that created an algorithm to analyze web content. The results were stunning: Today, nearly one-quarter (23.8%) of Internet content now consists exclusively of posts in which the brave authors recount their decision to quit Facebook/Twitter/Google/social media/their iPhone/their smartphone and the Lessons They Learned.

We pulled together just 10 in a few minutes, seven from The Huffington Post alone. We stuck specifically to personal stories, not advice on how to quit any of those things or people who decided to quit and now are imploring others to follow their lead.

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Inspirations or cautionary tales? You be the judge!

We can't wait for the many reality television shows that assuredly will be spawned by these Quitting Explorers.


This story, "The many inspiring people who 'quit' social media or their smartphone and then blog about it" was originally published by Fritterati.

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