You know that racist fraternity, SAE? Get a load of what they pledged last year

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Remember how the racists at University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter learned their charming little chant on a national fraternity cruise?

Turns out it was all part of the True Gentleman Experience, a PR move concocted last year by the Supreme Council for SAE (seriously, a "Supreme Council" of frat boys) because for some bizarre, inexplicable reason, nine people involved in SAE nonsense have been killed since 2006 -- many during the moronic, sadistic process known as hazing, in which recruits are forced to prove they'll do almost anything to join some  "exclusive" club of drunk teens and 20-somethings.

But the Supreme Council fixed all that by creating the True Gentleman Experience, which ... well, here's what it promises to do:

The True Gentlemen Experience also provides standards and requirements that hold our members accountable. Our education and development takes place on an individually chosen basis, much like fulfilling a degree or course of study. The experience allows our chapters and colonies to access best practices and programs but also allows them to maintain positive, local programming that may be approved by advisers and staff.

Do those best practices include finding the most clever ways to use the n-word in a group chant?

In an March 2014 article in Syracuse University's Daily Orange, Brandon Weghorst, SAE's associate executive director of communications for SAE, says this about the True Gentleman Experience:

“This returns the membership experience to what our founding fathers envisioned. When we were founded in 1856 and then for about 70 or 80 years after that, this is how it was whenever you joined SAE. There was no pledging, there was no concept of pledges or the pledge process.”

Maybe not, but apparently there was plenty of this:

That sounds about right for a fraternity founded at the University of Alabama just before the start of the Civil War, fought, of course, over slavery.

Here's something else Weghorst said in the Daily Orange article from last year:

“We look at some of the unfortunate incidents or negative exposure that Sigma Alpha Epsilon has had over the last couple of years, many of those instances, not all of them, but many of them were in somehow way shape or form related to the pledge process or to the concept of the brother versus pledge."

That negative exposure really can give people the wrong idea about a racist, exclusionary drinking club! And "brother versus pledge" is reference to the time-honored fraternity tradition of allowing sadistic 20-year-olds to indiscriminately bully 18-year-olds, all as part of a sick and pointless "bonding" process.

We leave you again with the SAE "True Gentleman Experience":

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