About the Premier 100 Technology Leaders Awards

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Our Premier 100 Technology Leaders awards honor individuals who have had a positive impact on their organization through technology. Honored individuals manage internal IT organizations, mentor and motivate their IT teams with interesting challenges, envision innovative solutions to business problems and effectively manage and execute IT strategies.

The Most Recent Report: Premier 100 Technology Leaders 2016
The list of 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leaders was published online in February. The list is also featured in a special issue of Computerworld's Digital Magazine. Read how these honorees built their careers from the ground up, developed must-have leadership skills and now conquer daily challenges at the top.

Past Reports:

Visit the Honor Roll! View Premier 100 alumni from 2000 to 2016.


Questions about Computerworld's Premier 100 Technology Leaders program can be emailed to premier100@computerworld.com. For more information about our annual conference, please visit our AGENDA website.

You may also contact the following staff for additional information:

Ellen Fanning
(508) 820-8204

Mari Keefe
Editorial project manager
(508) 628-4906


When will the list be published?
The list of 2016 Premier 100 IT Leaders was published online in February. The list is also featured in a special issue of Computerworld's Digital Magazine.

How do I nominate an outstanding tech professional for this award?
Nominations for the 2017 awards are being accepted now. The deadline for nominating a candidate for the Premier 100 Technology Leaders awards is Aug. 31, 2016.

Are there minimum criteria that an individual must meet for consideration to be a Premier Technology Leader?
Yes. We define a Premier Technology leader as an individual who guides the effective use of information technology to improve his or her company's business performance. A Premier 100 Technology Leader can be a CIO, vice president, director or manager from a number of areas of the IT organization — network management, database management, intranet and Web management, help desk, application development, project management, contract management or procurement.

Additional characteristics include the following:

  • Promotes an IT vision that supports the company's business strategy
  • Identifies strategic opportunities provided by IT
  • Thinks beyond short-term tactical needs to long-term strategic goals
  • Understands business needs and P/L responsibilities beyond the IT department
  • Ties technology and innovation to specific business needs and goals
  • Uses technology to gain an advantage over the company's competition
  • Takes calculated risks but has contingency plans in place
  • Learns from failures and uses these experiences to improve IT processes and services
  • Hires inquisitive people who like to explore and who are innovative
  • Creates a positive and rewarding work environment for employees
  • Encourages staff to be innovative and come up with ideas
  • Motivates with recognition and opportunity, not just money
  • Compares best practices with peer companies
  • Leverages their technology vendors as partners
  • Develops leadership skills inside the IT organization
  • Is viewed as a leader by other executives and by the IT staff

If someone was previously named a Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leader, can they be considered again this year?
No. Previous Premier 100 Technology Leader honorees are lifelong honorees and aren't eligible to be named to the list again.

Should I submit multiple copies of the nomination form to ensure my nominee is considered?
No. Only one nomination form per person is required.

How will individuals be selected for the Premier 100 Technology Leaders list?
Please refer to the methodology statement below.

What is the deadline for submitting a tech leader's information?
Nominations for the 2017 awards are being accepted now. The deadline for nominating a candidate for the Premier 100 Technology Leaders awards is Aug. 31, 2016. Email questions about the 2017 awards to premier100@computerworld.com.

What is the next step after I submit a nomination form?
A panel of Computerworld editors reviews your nomination form and if the nominee meets our basic criteria, the nominee will be notified via email and asked to complete a questionnaire. Download a printer-friendly version of the Premier 100 Technology Leader questionnaire here:

Will I be notified when Computerworld receives my nomination form?
No. At the end of the Premier 100 Technology Leaders nomination form there will be a button that says "Finish." Click on "Finish." At that point, your nomination form will be sent to our server and your data will be downloaded into our database. Upon receipt of your information, you will automatically exit the nomination form and go to Computerworld's home page.

When can I find out if an individual is on the list?
Leaders who make the Top 100 list will be notified in November and listed in Computerworld's special issue in March.

What if I have a question that wasn't answered in this FAQ?
Please email your questions to premier100@computerworld.com.


Each year, Computerworld invites its readers to nominate IT professionals they consider Premier Tech Leaders. Over the summer months, the nominated candidates are asked to answer a questionnaire that addresses a number of topics, including their background and experience, management style, the work environment they create and their attitude toward risk and innovation. Also, the questionnaire asks about their technology testing and implementation philosophy, the size of their IT organization in terms of the number of internal users they support, headcount and IT budget responsibilities.

Using Computerworld's Technology Leader Index, which is a measurement of how closely an individual matches our definition of the Technology Leader, we analyze the data. Our final list represents the IT professionals in whom the characteristics of the Premier Technology Leader are most strongly represented.

To receive more information about the Premier 100 questionnaire process and for all other queries, send email to premier100@computerworld.com.

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