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Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube have agreed to share with one another identifying digital information of...

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Microsoft is taking another shot at giving users a friendly AI-driven bot conversation partner. On Monday, the company released Zo, a chatbot that users can converse with on Kik, the popular messaging platform.

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Privacy groups in the U.S. and seven European countries will ask consumer protection agencies to investigate the maker of two internet-connected toys for violations of laws designed to protect children's privacy.

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5G and its multi-gigabit cellular speeds probably won’t exist until 2020, but one corporate customer of AT&T -- Intel -- is about to taste what it may be like.

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Getting a word count with Office for the iPad is simple—but you have to know where to look.

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If a President Obama-backed commission has its way, consumers will one day see cybersecurity ratings on technology products in the same way nutritional labels are found on packaged foods.

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Time to add SSDs to your hoarding list. Citing a transition in technology and increased demand, NAND prices are expected to begin heading north next year, analysts say.

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Startup Nikola Motor Co. took the wraps off its semi-tractor trailer truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with 1,000 horsepower and a range of 800 to 1,200 miles on a single fill-up.

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The aging FTP and Telnet protocols are considered unsafe, and HP has decided to clamp down on access to network printers via those protocols.