macbook keyboard

Got a 12-inch MacBook that you bought before the end of June 2015? You can expect to get a new USB-C cable from Apple.

cue federighi

On a fresh episode of The Talk Show podcast, Apple's top software executives drop some stats, crack some jokes, and promise they're fixing all those bugs.

pcw 0156

Google will phase out the Picasa desktop app and Web Albums online service over the next three months, according to the company.

mobile workers in motion

IT employment increased in every occupation and industry in 2015 except oil and gas.

Hanalyzer SAP Hana Gekkobrain

SAP has placed a big bet on Hana, so customers that haven't already switched to the in-memory computing platform can be sure they'll be encouraged to do so in the near future. If they're smart, they'll make sure they're...

Jim Marggraff

A startup called Eyefluence aims to improve virtual and augmented reality with its eye-tracking technology. After an early glimpse at what the company's tech can do, it seems like a must-have for future headsets.

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This week's roundup includes two different apps that aim to strip weather forecasting down to its barest essence.


The look of games on Linux-based Steam machines and mobile devices will improve with the upcoming Vulkan API.