shower speaker

Splashproof, shockproof and dustproof functions make this highly rated speaker suitable for shower or outdoor use....

innovation idea

Starved by staid corporate culture, CIOs are launching startup-like digital accelerators to stockpile talent and explore new technologies.


One of the most accurate GPS-based location systems in the world is John Deere’s RTK network, a dual-band GPS system that lets farmers track their planting, harvesting and more to an accuracy of less than an inch.

iphone 8 oled edge to edge display

Rumors are already swirling about the “revolutionary” 2017 iPhone. Here’s all the latest.


2015's excellent World War I shooter Verdun is getting its first standalone expansion Tannenberg, which takes the action to the oft-neglected Eastern front.

hiker at the mountain top journey mission accomplished

The Atlassian SourceTree IDE client also now supports GVFS, and others may join in


Amazon is once again offering Logitech's popular consumer webcam at its lowest historical price.

swift uikit macbook 3

Apple wants more people to learn how to create apps.

fail frustration laptop user head desk

If you’re doing an Internet of Things deployment, prepare to fail because of company culture, organizations and process.