data science classes math

Data scientists uncover insights from massive amounts of data to help shape or meet business goals. The data scientist...

01virtual assistant faceoff2 100686099 orig

Only two virtual assistants – those from Google and Facebook – can eavesdrop on your conversations and chime in with helpful suggestions. We need a lot more of that.

jackery titan 2

Throw in an attractive price point and the ability to charge your Nintendo Switch, and you're set.


Fast charging, quickly recharged, wide range of compatibility… what’s not to love?

samsung fast charge portable battery pack 5100

A unique design combined with an efficient battery makes this Samsung pack appealing.

ravpower 20100

RAVPower’s QC 3.0 pack looks like other RAVPower portable batteries, but now with Quick-Charge 3.0.

aukey 30000 pd

Last year’s top pick gets a minor update, but is it enough to stay on top?

Why x=3 doesn't always mean what you think it should, about data types and more.

evga450bt 1

This power supply is super cheap if you file the mail-in rebate.