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AMD's Rob Hallock tweeted a picture of a FreeSync display late Saturday, but the interesting part is what was running...

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This week's roundup of new iPad cases brings us the Leather Shopper, a handsome tote bag with room for your iPad and all of its essentials.

New features in Windows 10 laptop

Chinese users have joined the chorus of those upset by Microsoft's recent aggressive push to get them to upgrade to Windows 10.


Apple headlines for the week ending May 27, 2016.

This week's roundup includes two new apps that promise to revolutionize the way you get your headlines.


Even though the Nexus 6P is the recommended test device, not even that will make the cut when it comes time to certify Daydream-ready phones.

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Facebook is expanding its ad network past its own borders, encompassing Internet users who don't even use the social network.

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Tech companies’ almost exclusive focus on quarterly returns to appease investors who will likely take their fast profits and run is troubling and something to consider when choosing a vendor, writes columnist Rob Enderle.

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Malware links suggest that North Korean hackers might be behind recent attacks against several Asian banks, including the theft of $81 million from Bangladesh central bank earlier this year.